Jim Spencer & Judy Ball

Judy - pack 3 - £12.

Sweet Pea 1 Daffs 1 Pinks 1 Sweet pea (2) Pinks 2 Daffs (2) Rose & Mimosa (2) Daisy 1 Geranium 1 Daisy 2 Rose & Mimosa Geranium 2


Mimosa and Rose


Sweet pea



Magnolia 003 Magnolia 2 Iris (2) Anemone 2 Anemone 1 Cosmos 1 Cosmos 2 Poppies 2 Poppies 1 Wildstrawbery 1 Wild strawberry ===

Pack of six square cards

Judy Square cards

These cards have wrapround images and each pack contains six cards that come with their envelopes size 165 x 165mm in cello bags.

Pack of six for £12.00 no postal charge in UK.

If you click on the image it will "Pop up" to give you a better view.

You may purchase six of one card.

Go to the shop having first noted the name of the card you wish to purchase.

Order six square cards price £12, then send me an email to tell me the name of the card you wish to purchase.

judy@judyball.co.uk I will confirm that I have recieved your message.

Judy - Pack 4 £12


Wild Strawberries



Corn Poppies