Jim Spencer & Judy Ball


    Copper plate etchings

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Etching is one of the oldest forms of print,

Copper is a soft metal and I use nitric acid to eat into the copper. The parts you want etched are left while various forms of blocking agents are used to create an image. It is said the most common etching is of your finger prints! Working slowly eventualy the plate is ready



Printing ink is applied to the plate, the intention is to put this into the indentations. then taking your paper which has been dampend you place - copper plate - paper - wool blanket, making a sandwich on the press and turn the handle. The paper being wet is pressed into the grooves and  

one can see the indented outline of the plate in the paper. This is call Intaglio printing

When dried I like to finish the image by painting in detail

To print another image off the same plate one starts by reinking the plate. Each image is therefore an original.

I work in the kitchen and as a craft think of it in much the same way as cooking




Etching gift cards

These etchings mainly of wild flowers have been mounted on plain paper, each is marked a/p (artists proof) and signed in pencil and comes with a brown envelope. There are more flower images for your choice on the following pages.

The size is 6" square the image 3" square they make an ideal gift  available in the shop at £10 each including postage.


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Frame £12

We are now able to supply simple wooden frame to  fit

your chosen card.

Sorry UK delivery only



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